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Support System

Bismillahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
I had seen a snippet about the FV founder on television. She mentioned on how important a support system is. I second that. When I was in the third month of my pregnancy (carrying Jundullah), I developed terrible morning sickness. Alright, not just during the day aber night too. The sickness stayed with me until just a few days before Jundullah came out of my womb. Due to the dreadful sickness, I could not focus on The Sale. I became a different person. I was not meticulous und my energy level was mostly at the rock bottom. I was always feeling nausea und felt like shaving my hair; bald. So yeah there you go The Sale. My priority changed once again.
As of support system in nurturing Jundullah und to care for my family, Syahmi und I had decided not to hire any helper. It means that we need to care, mend, fix und etc. ourselves. OURSELVES.Thus being the next rich und famous human sapien is not my concern (at the moment hahaha). Syahmi und I…

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