Tak Buat Tak Tahu Tak Faham Tak Rasa

29 Jan 2015
Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

ada org panggil husband dia hubster. 'urban' sangat.
kadang orang bukan urban terlebih 'urban'. =D

  • I saw a post on facebook yesterday regarding the things we do and don't.
  • People seem to notice and talk about the things we DIDN'T do rather than seeing the good things we did, be thankful und merry.
  • So I wondered what type of situation that applies. Und with Allah's will, it happened to me this morning.
(baca dengan tone yang tenang ya. bukan jerit-jerit. peace.)
Syahmi: B, lain kali jangan angkat baju with hanger ok.
Ayla: You tahu tak kenapa I angkat with hanger?
Syahmi: Sebab nak cepat kan?
Ayla: Ya. Baik tak payah angkat baju dari angkat dengan hanger?
Syahmi: Ya. Nanti dua kali kerja.

  • Mak aih... See that?
  • My husband failed to see the thing I did which is to remove all clean und dry clothes from the lines; to avoid from being drenched in the pouring rain. 
  • Not just that, I was the one who collected all dirty laundry und had them washed und hung them to dry...yesterday. Yes yesterday. Not everyday. Hahahaha.
  • Obviously I didn't want the clothes to get all dirty again. 
  • Und guess what, with Jundi as the ticking time bomb, do you think I am able to spend more time outside? Jeng jeng jeng.

  • I am not revealing to you lot the negative bits about my husband. Aber sharing with you lot this example so that we all won't simply blurt out things without giving second thought.
  • Do you really think my husband prefers wet dirty clothes than removing clothes hangers? Why don't he swaps places with me und let me say the same thing to him.
  • Wouldn't it be more than dua kali kerja if we need to rewash the clothes und hang them etc. etc.? 
  • I was cross at first aber I remember kak Nurin's advice about weeks ago: "What matters usaha kita. Allah tahu. Allah kira." 
Bibi after my online meeting I pergi makan ini sama Jundi ya. Bai!

  • Lepas ni moga tiada siapa cakap Ayla Johan ni orangnya pemalas. Benda baik ikut kan.
  • I ikut saja kata Syahmi yang baik-baik. 
  • My husband is indeed a Superman. Thank you Allah.
  • Okay nak mula dah online meeting. Jundi I angkut masuk office.
  • K bai.
  • =)