Bare your love this Valentine's Day?

  • Freaks me out.
  • What do you mean by not wearing any undies/panties would express your true love to your "boyfriends"?!
  • Read here for more info. Got the news from The Star.

  • So some will start to argue : "What if kita tak pakai panties untuk "boyfriend" kita but kita tak tunjuk dia pun? Kita bagitahu je dekat dia. Kita tak bagi dia touch pun kita punya vagina."
  • In the first place apa faedahnya buat macam itu???

  • Arghh!
  • Dearest friends and family. Please DO NOT participate in this ridiculous/ludicrous event/idea.
  • Sorry to say this but please stop being silly pathetic goons (those who are involve). 
  • Remember, those who love you will always try to keep you on the right track.
  • So what about those who encouraged and convinced you to take part?
  • Figure it out yourselves, brainers!


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