Cherry Tomatoes

Do you love to snack?
I just love snacking! But most of the time I will stuff myself with high calorie and sugar content snacks. That is freaking unhealthy!
So I decided to change my diet especially my late snack habit.

  • Cherry tomato is less mushy, unlike the normal tomato.
  • It is firmer and sweeter BUT not as sweet as a bite if O R E O ! ;-)
  • Small and easy to be carried around or packed.
  • Definitely healthier than crisps, choc fudge, ice cream, etc. . .
Sometimes we just love to have instant noodle in between meals yeah? I myself love instant noodle. Well now you can have a little hint of health in your instant noodle. Just throw in a few balls of cherry tomatoes in your bowl of instant noodle! Simply toothsome eyh ;-)

Good luck!


  1. hi! sounds nice. but eyh, eventually i am the one who had to finish them ek. cheeky you!

  2. hello husband!
    well, that is what a husband for eyh ;-)


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