Management skills in Cooking!

Oh dear oh dear. I've been busy with Advance Management course works hence new recipes will be up on Wednesday aight.

My husband asked me to share some tips with you. More like integrating management skills with cooking! Haha. So here we go.

  1. Don't think too hard on the ingredients. Just grab anything that is available on your shelves or in your cabinets or even in your refrigerator. (Equivalent to grab all opportunities in front of you.)
  2. Experiment with your food. Mix and match the ingredients you have. Follow your heart instead of head. (More like taking risks in certain tasks.)
  3. Taste your food before serve. (Like get yourself involve in the field.)

Eventually, what matter most is experience. Use your failure to gain achievements. Therefore, do not give up in cooking just because your lasagne tastes like Anchovies + Porridge. Maybe it is meant to be that way eyh!

Good luck!


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