• I know people who are so into dakwah.
  • Fanatics? 
  • Perhaps some.
  • They even send someone else to attend their children's school play, so that they can go out and berdakwah to other people.
  • At the same time they expect their kids and others to understand.
" Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom
and fair exhortation, and reason with them
in the better way. Your Lord is Best Aware
of him who strays from His way, and He is
Best Aware of those who go aright."
Al-Quran, Surah An-Nahl (16:125)
  • Dakwah is indeed important (no doubt) but whose responsibility to nurture/raise your children?
  • Eventually it is not the act of dakwah but your attitude, thoughts and ideas are at fault.

  • Oh not forgetting your spouses who apparently are not in the same herd as you.
  • I used to think that orang yang tudung labuh, pakai serban etc. ja yang kena dakwah.
  • Haha.
  • I was wrong. 
  • Boleh ja orang tak pakai tudung berdakwah to those yang pakai tudung labuh.
  • Apa perlu takut?
  •  =)

  • At this moment, I want to be the one yang kena dengar orang berdakwah or in other word didakwah (wujud??).
  • Supaya nak gain banyak2 then leh kumpul jadi aboogeet (fire ball to attack villains).
  • Rindu ma and her inspiring words.
  • Period
With love,


  1. my fren pernah tanya saya,
    camana nak diff. gula & garam??
    of cos la kena rasa rite??
    (b4 tu complicated i jawab garam tu smaller than gula,,haha,,kalau garam halus)
    then,,she told me,,begitulah dakwah dlm hidup..if u r not into it,so u'll not know masin manis hidup as a real khalifah.
    she told me she got inspire dari kata2 Imam Hasan Al-Banna.
    ~~juz sharing ~_^

  2. haha you are so scientific!
    I agree a hundred and one percent. You won't know how sweet the sugar is if you never get to taste it. But would you still know the degree of its sweetness? I won't be able to answer that my self.


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