My Precious

  • I remember: You used to take us (abg, jim and i) out for doughnuts in the city of Birm. 

  • I remember: You kissed both of my cheeks and thanked me for cooking the tasteless sayur kicap. You even forced yourself to finish it.

  • I remember: You left me for a sleepover at Arwah Ayu's and came back two hours later to fetch me home but no one heard you knocked. You phoned Arwah Ayu's mom and asked for me and said "I miss you".

  • I remember: You taught me how to appreciate others and you still do.

  • I remember: You gave me the freedom to share thoughts and you still do.

  • I remember: You brought me to see ghost story at GSC. We sat in the front row and I myself had to bersila because takut kaki kena gigit hantu. 

  • I remember: You forced me to wake up from a deep slumber just so you could have a cup of coffee at Makbul. 

  • I remember: You dragged me to Summit at midnight so that you could sharpen your bowling skills. 

  • I remember: You took me out for Merdeka celebrations in KL. 

  • The list goes on and on and on . . . 

  • I will keep on praying so that I can be with you in Syurga.
I love you ma. 
I always do.

Jamilah Marjan

With love,


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