• Darling husband and I are definitely unwell.
  • Gilir-gilir vomited our dinner at 5am.

  • Husband : Mesti ada hikmah kan.
  • We got ourselves comfortable in bed and he shared me a story, all about Salahudin Al-Ayoubi (hope I spelt that right)

  • Before Salahudin Al-Ayoubi takluk Baitul Maqdis, he was very ill.
  • No physicians could help him.
  • Hence he prayed to Allah s.w.t for better health and strength so that he could conquer Baitul Maqdis for the sake of Islam.
  • So health and strength were bestowed on him by Allah s.w.t 
  • In the end he managed to conquer Baitul Maqdis.

  • Does that mean we are going on a battle?
  • Entah.
  • I'm getting better but Syahmi is still in a woozy mode. 


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