Boy In His Cot

  • This is absolutely got nothing to do with a boy in his cot.
  •  News on Palestinians are not like pisang goreng these few weeks.
  • But that does not mean they are in good state.
  • So how can we help them?
  • By boycotting eyh.
  • NOT EASY. 
  • I have been through such situation. 
  • Rebellious, was I.
  • Years ago I was like, "Wtf?? Nestle, Bobbi Brown, Kate Spade etc. tak boleh???"
  • I was really really really cross at that time.
  • Tak percaya tanya Syahmi. 
  • Kesian dia. 
  •  But anyway, here are a few of the companies that support Israeli apartheid:
  1. Nestle, McD
  2. Estee Lauder, L'oreal, Clinique, Revlon
  3. Hugo Boss, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Aramis
  4. Kimberly-Clark: Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex
  5. Timberland, Giorgio Armani, Gap
  •  Don't be upset.
  • Banyak lagi brand lain yang you guys leh turn to.
  • For example: 
  1. LV yang geli (
  2. Hermes (
  3. YeBeng (
  4. MYDIN (tempat.i.selalu.breakfast.dengan.abah.bak.sini.royalty.haha.)
  5. Power (kasut.ini.kalau.pakai.tak.takut.kotor.punya.sebab.boleh.gonyoh.time.basuh.tidak.seperti.stiletto.dari.Dior)
  6. Etc.
  •  So lets together, do this for Allah S.W.T.
  • Siapa yang berjaya tak layan products yang patut boycott tu for a year starting from now, please let me know. 
  • I nak belanja you makan kuey teow goreng kerang. 
  • Nak with or without tauge, up to you.
With love,


  1. ju..!!hard to do la...L'oreal is part of my life..tolong i bersih kn muke..others i never use...McD n nestke...still can try...but L'oreal..huhu...

  2. oopss...dee yg comment just now..hahaha...!!

  3. Dee as in Farah Dee? or Dalila? or Diyana?

    McD used to be my best mate since we don't really cook at home =)
    Slowly Dee.
    InsyaAllah with determination, you'll manage.
    Nak kuey teow tak? Hehe.

  4. u know me_d cute 114 May 2010 at 10:12

    x penah tau ju ade blog..
    now dah tau boleh baca :)
    boycott..dah try n still trying..
    easy if u live in malaysia i think but once u hv 2 live in russia not many choice u hv..
    like i said still dah lame x mkn mcD + minum coke(2 benda yg sy sukeeee..)n when i was admitted 2 hospital 4 pneumonia find out i also hv erosion in my stomach..dunno since when??
    hhmmm.. n it makes me grateful 4 trying coz i wonder what will happen if i still eat those mcD+coke..
    Alhamdulillah :)

  5. reena eyh?
    thanks for reading dear.
    erosion in stomach??? bahaya nya!
    you better not swallow coke anymore.
    Lets make things happen together ok darling.
    Once you dah biasa tak consume semua tu, you dah boleh senyum je bila sampai McD.


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