• Do you have mood swings when you are left alone?
  • For no apparent reasons.
  • With the lousy mood, you have the intention to yell at everyone.
  • Be it through e-mails or through short phone calls.
  • How disgusting is that.
  • But not as disgusting as these photos.
  • Hehe.

  • Yup. My darling power ranger fried these two egg yolks.
  • Then he ran away into the bedroom.
  • Left me playing with them. . .

  • Haha.
With love,


  1. ROFL!
    i tried so hard not to think about anything more disgusting than just two egg yolks hanging in that pan!
    hmm..pardon me..
    btw..yaa..lousy mood makes us wanna scream..
    everyday i experience that..huuu when i got back from work,i always find myself literally alone in this room..*sigh*!
    im single..but u?haihh..
    miss u mi amiga!

  2. wahahahaha.
    exactly! I could simply relate the egg yolks to ... (better not say it here)

    How come I couldn't read your blog dear?
    I'm uninvited eyh?

    Miss you too!


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