Perception & Priority

  • 3 weeks prior to our wedding, we went to Mr H's at KLCC to get ourselves a wedding ring each.

  • Kakak cantik: Selamat datang, boleh saya bantu?
  • Ayla: Selamat =) I'm looking for a simple wedding ring.
  • Kakak cantik: Oh, kami ada banyak jenis.Yang ini semua emas putih dengan diamond. Adik nak yang macam mana?
  • Ayla: Saya nak yang yellow gold with solitaire diamond.
  • Kakak cantik: Oh itu di sini. Mari ikut kakak (she led us to the opposite section). Ini semua solitaire diamond rings with certificate bla bla bla.
  • She took one significant ring out and put/slipped it straight on my finger.
  • Ayla: God blimey, I rather get myself a car with that price! We can't afford this just yet kak! God. (but it was awkward to have a big bulging diamond on your finger. In other word, burok. Hehe.)

  • The price: can get myself a brand new C-class Merc.
Apa susah? Dekat Al-Quran pun dah ada gold-gold kan =)

  • Do people really pay that much for a wedding ring/any ring?
  • Yes. (sebab tu dijual)
  • Kesian kakak cantik itu, harapan musnah kita tak mampu beli cincin mahal tu. 
  • Guess she had her own perception.
  • But then again, what is our/your priority?
  • Exorbitant priced gold ring or . . . 

  • Eventually, it's not about the wedding ring.
  • It was all about the experience we had just to get a ring.
  • Cherished.  

With love,


  1. i'm still wearing my 0.12 carat diamond wedding ring..hehe..sungguh kecik compared to the big ones on other ppl's fingers..but it's what happened on that day that counts and looking at that ring reminds me of that day..kalau cincin baru memori apa agaknya..material things shouldn't matter, if it does then it'll be harder to be happy =)

  2. that's the whole point.
    It's not easy to let people know that money can't buy happiness. Not saying that money is unimportant but hey, what's the advantage of having 6 carat diamond?
    It annoys me when people make a big fuss on the material things that they are after.


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