The Remembrance

From Zack. Danke.
  • The remembrance of me working at the Twin Tower bridge came back with startling clarity.
  • Oh and the memories of going out dating with my "boyfriend" (now the husband) accompanied by my dear father.

  • Thanks Zack for your thoughts.
  • You have helped me to find some of the lost memories.
  • =)
With love,


  1. cant post a komen on yer toothsome blog. nak tanye, sedap tak cheese thingy tu w/o sugar n butter?curious!

  2. Ayla suka BUT I don't think orang lain suka.

    Bayangkan yo makan cheese cake yang tawar and base dia crumbles.
    That is the exact taste.


  3. mcm ku kenal postcard ini... (^_^)


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