Take A Walk On The Board Walk: Advance Your Token To Hampshire.

The tallest building: Uni. Soton's Faraday Building
  • My Green Power Ranger took me out for a long walk yesterday.
  • Danke babe.
  • The photo above shows that we were halfway through our journey. 
  • I do realize that, we do not need to spend even a penny to be happy eyh.
  • We did it for free yesterday =)
He was not in green yesterday. Undercover =)
  • We had the chance to see lots of activities during the stroll.   
  • Saw our friend busy cleaning up his car (sorry Naili didn't get the chance to meet you), we witnessed a father entertained his children, saw a dog came running to play with my Power Ranger etc. 
  • This is definitely life, I thought. 
  • It is not just about me and you. 
  • It is about everyone and everything.
  • Superb.

  • The aftermath:

  • Were quite tired to continue walking to the room hence the "tersadai" Green Power Ranger (who happened to change from black to blue) and the headmistress of Please Don't Hang Your Clothes On The Headboard.
  • =)

  • What's your view on life?
With love,


  1. ok la tu, rasanya kalo jalan kat malaysia ni dah kuyup dah. hehhehe

  2. haha.
    the fact that nak keluar pintu rumah pun dah takut panas and peluh =)


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