God Loves Me?!

  • On my way to the library from the prayer room after maghrib prayer.
  • Katie: Hi there. Do you have two minutes?
  • Ayla: Urm, yeah. Why?
  • Katie and her friend: We just want to say that God loves you and ....
  • I wasn't paying attention after the "loves you" bit.
  • Woah!
  • Katie: Jesus came down and sacrificed for us .... So what do you think? Do you believe in Jesus?
  • Ayla: Thank you very much for telling me these things. Appreciate everything. I do believe in Jesus as one of the prophets. As you know, I'm a muslim etc.... Btw, I'm Juaini and what are your names?
  • Katie: I'm Katie.
  • Her friend: K... (I can't remember)
  • Ayla: Again, thanks but I really got to go. Have a meeting inside (library). Nice meeting you guys.
  • Katie and her friend: Nice meeting you too and thank you!
  • Betul I ada meeting.
  • Not a reason to get away ok.
  • How many of you have the guts to approach people on streets and talk about Allah S.W.T?
  • Simply amazing kan these two ladies.


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