Makanan Rasulullah S.A.W Right?

  • One of the makanan terbaik dunia is . .
  • Olive!
  • Look what we bought from Espania.

From left: Green Olives, Olives + Anchovies, Garlic + Rosemary in Olive Oil,
Chillies + Rosemary in Olive oil, Black Olives and Garlic + Olive Dip.

  • I have been using olive oil for frying since 2007.
  • It is less oily and greasy.
  • For real!
  • So siapa nak jaga badan, sila la guna olive oil.
  • =)
  • It's healthier too!

  • Reviews will be uploaded laterrrr.


  1. Yupp!
    Olive best.
    My fam has been using olive last 2 years.
    Makan minyak zaitun utk reduce cholestrol!!

  2. Reduce cholesterol eyh!
    Thanks for sharing Billa


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