The Cobra

  • So I did mention, something interesting happened at Paultons park.
  • We had a go on The Cobra.
  • Ok fine, I admit that I screamed like a psychopath etc.

The Cobra Roller-coaster.

  • Right after we got off the ride, babe came to me and said:
  • Syahmi: Babe, my shades. It fell.
  • Ayla: Whereabout?
  • Syahmi: On the ground.
  • Haha.
  • So he called for a staff to go and look for his sunglasses.

The staff looking for Syahmi's sunglasses that fell during the ride.


  • In the end, he got back his sunglasses.
  • Such a big help.
  • I wonder whether the staffs at Sunway Lagoon are as helpful as those at Paultons.
  • Nampak sangat The Cobra tu gempak ya sampai tercampak2 shades.
  • =p
  • haha.
  • Gagah you, I naik.


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