Funny Mama

  • I always miss both of my parents.
  • Do you?
  • Had a chat with ma yesterday she said she misses the YM emoticon yang guling2 tu.
  • Hahaha.

  • So now lets talk about making friends.
  • There are many people who are too choosy when it comes to make friends.
  • Why so?
  • You tell me.

  • Nabi kawan dengan ramai orang kan?
  • If orang tu melanggar perintah Allah S.W.T, he gave advice and helped him/her/them to the right path.
  • This is what most Malaysians fail to see.
  • Love is for everyone. Not just between you and your "girl/boy friend(s)".
  • Spread the love people.
  • Once you've found your true love, DO NOT forget your parents!

  • I will be having my first paper this Friday.
  • You do not have to make Doa for me if you don't want to (hehe)
  • but PLEASE, love your parents.

Eventhough rasa nak telan pak cik ini, I still love you abah.

Ma with Aunt As and Afi. Love you.

Yo and Aunt Aishah @ my 2nd mom haha. Love you guys.

  • Spread the love that God has provided.


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