Gembira Kawen You

  • When things do not go my way, I will shout and scream.
  • Ok, exaggerate.
  • Married life: Phenomenal, Superb, Awesome, Fantastico, Morocco etc.

Muka orang dapat kawen. At Pullman with ma days before the nikah.

Muka dah kawen. Haha. Baju Jim sama ngan babe.

  • Anyway, why wait?
  • If you have found your "true" love, why wait?
  • If you have insufficient fund to organize a "RM30k" wedding reception, you can always ask for help.
  • There are people who are willing to help.
  • You just need to find them.
  • =)

  • Selamat pengantin baru to my friends yang baru saja berkahwin and will next week ;-)


  1. Ju, I have insufficient fund to organize a grand wedding reception for myself, maybe I can ask for your help?? hehehehe
    i miss u.

  2. Dearest Zack,

    My wedding pun tak grand. You have got the wrong person. hahaha.
    My kenduri nanti ntah ke laut ke mana ke. haha.


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