Go Team Go!

  • Viva?
  • Over and we nailed it!
  • Muslims?
  • Can't drink.
  • So we celebrated at our place with luscious food!
  • instead of going to the bar where I can only have cola or juice.
  • Kind of uncool eyh.
  • Haha.
  • Thanks Jai for the superb chicken rice!

My team members.
Alright, cukup sekadar dari belakang. If not my girlfriends suruh I angkut the guys balik =p

  • Menu:
  1. Nasi impit.
  2. Kuah kacang.
  3. Chicken rendang.
  4. Salads.
  5. Nasi ayam.
  6. Brownies.
  7. Segala macam drinks.

True true, segala macam air. Lager pun ada.

  • The "meeting" ended very late.
  • Why the word "meeting"?
  • Because we are so used to that.
  • Haha.
  • The aftermath:

  • Hamek you!
  • Berbungkus kepenatan.

  • Alhamdulillah.
  • Allah S.W.T, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


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