Jalan-jalan Cari Partner

  • Orang yang sesuai untuk jadi your spouse ialah orang yang nak jaga you sampai you masuk syurga punya.
  • Tak tipu.
  • I pernah tipu ke?
  • Even mat dadah pun setuju dengan I pun.
  • =)

Before kahwin:
  • He/She will try his/her best to make sure you jaga aurat (bukan setakat aurat badan but am sure you know what I mean).
  • He/She will explain to you why on earth he/she could not take you out for supper (even though depan khayalak ramai).
  • He/She will make sure that only a smiley face is painted for everyone to see.
  • He/She will not kiss you good night, instead make Doa for you.
  • etc.

  • I'm just sharing.
  • Things that I learned from God and others.


  1. Adza Anis Dahlan3 June 2010 at 21:41

    why everything you say so best one ah?? hehehe...

  2. salam//
    hi ju..remember me?im fairus.1st tyme read ur blog so amaze!really nice :)


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