Paultons Park

  • A day out with dearest husband and friends.
  • I didn't expect that we will end up in a theme park!
  • I had fun anyway.
  • Went on the roller-coaster(s), pirate ship, log splash etc.
  • We settled for a picnic at around 2pm under the trees.

The adorable Najjah.

Babe, learning on how to put a child in the pram. The Guru: Kak Intan.

For obvious reason, I only did the easy bit. Haha.

Pelicans. Oh I love Pecan Nut (tak kaitan but betul)

One of our neighbours.

The happy Najjah!

Took care of her while the parents main rides.
Ada bakat eyh I =)

Lunch time! Nasi lemak you. Kak Pah siap bawa pudding lagi you.

  • To conclude, the park is very suitable for families with small children.
  • It is about 20 minutes of driving from Broadlands Road.
  • Tickets: Vary from £14.50 to £20.00
  • Depends on your group.

  • Something interesting happened.
  • Will let you know soon.
  • Haha.


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