Someone Is Watching Over You

  • Kind of eerie when people stare at me.
  • Nak-nak you, bila pakai tudung tutup litup jalan dekat beach time summer.
  • Sometimes I do feel like wearing bikini.
  • Habis muntah people tengok.
  • Wakakaka.
  • =D

  • Anyway, I found a new "watcher"/bodyguard whenever Syahmi is not around.
  • At first it was a bit unusual to have him staring at me for every second.
  • But now, I'm used to it.
  • =)

Printed Shrek on the tumbler is now my new bodyguard.

  • But I know ada yang lagi superior never failed to watch and care for me and you.
  • Allah S.W.T
  • =)


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