Woods Of Wind ~ ~ ~ sor

True Rose
  • I went out for lunch and quick shopping today.
  • Found this Woods of Windsor (England) Fragrance set.
  • The scent: True Rose.
  • Wangi!
  • Tak percaya tanya Yo or Aishah!
  • I'm not going to keep this set since I already have 2 bottles of True Rose.
  • But satu I tinggal kat Subang while lagi satu I tertinggal kat B.Mahkota.
  • =(

  • I bought this set sebab murah dari retail price!
  • The reason is as shown below:

Calar kat box and ada ink stain. Tu ja.

  • I'm letting this set go at RM47.
  • RRP: RM62
  • The box contains:
  1. Eau de Toilette 30ml
  2. Conditioning Hand and Nail Cream 125ml
  • Don't have to pay now.
  • Tunggu I balik baru bayar.
  • And if you nak benda ni now, let me know.
  • Nanti I update you postage cost etc.
  • If not tunggu I balik end of July nanti I bagi.
  • Lagi easy peasy and jimat baby~

  • If nak, leave comment kat bawah or message kat facebook.
  • Nanti I tepek your name kat set tu.
  • Siapa cepat dia dapat.
  • Setuju?
With love.


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