• I seldom take breakfast.
  • Hey hey hey, not because I wake up late ok.
  • Maybe I'm just plain lazy!
  • =D
  • But I have found a better meal.
  • I do not need to turn on the gas and pong pang pong pang in the kitchen just to prepare a bowl of scrambled eggs.
  • I don't even have to wash my cereal bowl after I'm done.
  • =)

Müller Corner

  • Just choose and pick!
  • Dead easy.
  • To avoid from washing your metal spoon,
  • just use a free plastic spoon.
  • Ala ala the tiny spoon that KFC provides for your mash.
  • After you're done, you can just chuck the tiny spoon into the bin.
  • Memang membazir.
  • Dasar malas!
  • Haha.


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