Cairo Day 2

  • Makam Imam Syafie, the founder of Mazhab Syafie.
  • Never thought that I would have the chance to pay him a visit.
  • He was so poor that he used his saliva to write on his arms.
  • He learnt from Imam Malik, the founder of Mazhab Maliki.
  • Al- Fatihah.

Makam Imam Syafie.

The pole where Imam Syafie used to lean against.

  • Sultan Hassan Mosque.
  • 757 A.H - 1356 A.D
  • The architecture, superb.
  • Acoustic wise, brilliant.
  • You do not need to use a microphone.
  • We got the chance to meet the bilal.

  • Here is one of the trees in Sultan Salahuddin Fortress in Cairo.
  • The mosque is beautiful from the outside =)
  • What about the inside?
  • Cantik juga but berhabuk sikit.

The Masjid


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