Pause & Love

  • I don't really blog these days.
  • Not that I'm going to stop blogging.
  • God knows.
  • It's just that I don't feel like doing it at the moment.
  • However, lets chat on relationship before I sign off.
  • What makes you want to be loved?
  • I'm sure you know how it feels like to be loved.
  • You have your guy on the other side,
  • waiting
  • and observing you.
  • Gosh . . .
  • And at that instant you just wish that he's yours!
  • When you watch movies, you're hoping that the lead actor is your guy.
  • Blowing kisses before you leave, dancing on the ice in the middle of nowhere..etc..
  • And when they end, you just don't feel like shifting your bumbum to turn off the tape.
  • Let me tell you,
  • these are no longer fantasies once you're married!
  • You can have your husband staring at you 24/7.
  • =)
  • Even though how selekeh you are.


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