• When people tell you secrets,
  • you are obliged by whateveryouthinkthereis to keep them to yourself.
  • Even if you are married.
  • You DO NOT HAVE to report your friends' secrects to your spouse!
  • Secrets are meant to be kept.
  • Why am I in this state?
  • Because one of my best friends just got hit right on her face by secrets!
  • (not literally)
  • Secrets boleh memalukan orang lain.
  • Sometimes you tak tahan nak cerita kat orang kan
  • just pergi dapur and masak.
  • Or buka karaoke on youtube.
  • Please, I've seen enough.
  • This doesn't come from me.
  • Allah suruh kita pegang janji and jangan aibkan orang.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Because somebody might commit suicide due to your in-sensitiveness.


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