Facial Wash

  • Almira's extraordinary facial expressions = brought an idea for me to blog on facial wash.
  • The products that really work for my sensitive skin are:
  •  I've also tried Neutrogena years ago but it failed me. 
  •  Right now I'm on local product. 
  • My first time using Safi.
  • It's way cheaperrrr than other products that I've used!
  • The reason why I bought Safi:
  • Met a sales girl in Guardian with soft and fine skin. 
  • Ayla: You pakai apa ya?
  • Sales girl: Oh saya pakai Safi. 
  • Ayla: Yang mana ya? 
  • Sales girl: Dekat sini. Ia bagus juga. Kulit saya dah mula improve.
  • Ayla: Ya?! Tapi if you nak yang bagus punya, pakai Cetaphil. Bla bla bla...
  • Sales girl: Ye ke??
  • Ayla: Ya. Give it a try =)
  • Sampai kat counter you I promote Cetaphil.
  • Eh now siapa pula promoter ni??
  • Bahaaaaa.
  • Alright, will let you know the result in 2 weeks time. 
  • Itu pun kalau still tak dapat pergi outlet SK II.


  1. hi ayla, su pun dulu pakai cetaphil...tapi when i checked rupanya dia ada animal derived ingredients..this was 2 years ago..tak taula sekarang camne..

  2. hamek.
    kenapa kita tak boleh guna benda yang ada animal derived ingredients?
    tak sama dengan kalau kita minum susu and makan daging. Ada orang siap makan perut, lidah and bum bum lagi.

    Is it just because cara sembelihan tak halal hence the binatang tu kira bangkai?

    Thank you for sharing Su! God, kena pergi kedai tu balik untuk let the sales girl know .

  3. usually they just take from animals yang berkaki empat so you wouldn't know if it's from a pig or cow etc


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