How To Spend Your $$$

  • When you receive your first pay, you tend to get a new car, house, clothes, handbags, shoes and etc.
  • Lets together do some calculations alright.
  • Your monthly pay: RM 2500
  • Minus the bits such as EPF and SOCSO, hence you're left with RM 2250.
  • And if you have the niat to give some to your family ie. parents, 
  • lets say around RM100 each, hence minus RM200 from the remaining RM2250.
  • Now you're left with RM2050.
  • Minus rent RM 700 and food etc. RM 300.
  • You're left with RM1050.
  • Minus petrol and toll RM500,
  • You're left with RM 550.
  • Now do you still want to get a Honda?
  • If you get a brand new national car worth RM45,000 with 6-7 years loan and a down payment of RM10,000.
  • you need to fork out RM550 monthly for it.
  •  What's left?
  • RM 0 + dividend = RM * (depends on the interest rate and savings)
  • Now do you still want to get a BWM?
Do not spend more than what you earn


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