Top to Toe?

  • When you are so used with having shower in the bathroom, 
  • you do not know what to do when there is only a "cetong/gayung".
  • When you are so used to eat watermelon without the skin,
  • you find it weird when you are served with watermelon skin on. 
  • When you are so used to live in a big mansion,
  • you find it hard to accept that you have to live in a little tiny "home".
  • When you are so used driving in a leather interior-ed car,
  • you find it awkward to sit on a fabric seat while driving. 
  • What ever it is:
Be grateful with what you have. 

    • ni bukan pasal I or anyone in particular.
    • Just reminder utk kita semua.
    • =)
    • cetong tu sahabat karib i ok. 
    • Sampai kat Southampton pun I gendong suruh dia ikut tau.


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