Brand New

  • Do not stop what you have been doing.
  • Whereas keep on adding sparks.
  • In anyways that you can think of.
As for Syahmi and I, it came naturally. Thank you Allah S.W.T.
  • So I don't want to hear any reasons behind "you dah bosan dengan partner masing-masing"
  • Buatlah apa-apa yang fun together ok.
  • Eg:
  • Suap-menyuap like what you did during your wedding reception ke
  • or main kejar-kejar like what you did during your outdoor wedding photo shoot ke (oh.ini.I.tak.ada.dengan.syahmi.pasal.tak.sempat.jumpa.outdoor.dah.maghrib.=p)
  • or masak together sambil balin-baling cili like what you did time masak-masak kat college ke.
  • It's not a crime to make your relationship feels brand new. 
  • In other way, it helps to reduce stress.
  • Have a great weekend everybody!


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