Creme Caramel

  • Remember my favorite creme caramel?
  • Haa.
  • So I tried to fix one for my family.
  • Let the photos do the talking alright.

A bowl cracked right after I poured in the caramel.

So I changed bowl but failed to spread the caramel since it had harden.
At this point, I really need a helper. Dang!

Finally, after all the difficulties and hardwork etc. I managed to make a large creme caramel for my family.
The taste = please ask mama or Syahmi.

  • The lesson is, do not give up before you try.
  • I did try and it was a success.
  • =)


  1. yummyyyyyyyyyy...ayla bwat yo craving lak..

  2. didn't know u like creme caramel too! heheee


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