Family Dinner

  • Since mama is very busy this whole week,
  • (day and night in Shah Alam)
  • she invited us to have dinner with her last night at Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam.
  • We only missed dinner together for one night
  • ma dah rindu.
  • Hehe.
  • She even mentioned about my creme caramel. 
  • Double hehe.
  • =D
My starter. The yellow bits on the left is chopped pineapple vinaigrette to be eaten with oysters.
Syahmi's second plate of oyster. Mixed facial expressions were made by us when we tried to swallow the oysters.

  •  There was one ingredient which I didn't know what it is until it was served for me at the table.
  • Ayla: Do you know what this is?
  • Azeem: Oh tu siput.
  • Ayla & Syahmi: hah... (looked at each other)
The long white thing tu lah siput tu. On the spoon tu I think its' head kot.

Tried one and I didn't like the taste. Rasa mcm a bit grassy and too kenyal.
  • We had lots of cakes, blueberry crumble, bla bla bla and even chocolate fondue.
  • I had a cup of jelly and ice cream too.
  • (Almira mesti jealous I had jelly)
  • Right after the dinner, we had to leave mama since she got work to do.
  • Overall, the food = just ok. 
  • But with great companion, two thumbs up.
  • The moral of the story is, 
  • no matter how busy you are,
  • please make time for your family
  • and communicate with each other. 


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