• Kenduri Aqiqah for baby Zaki and babay Nur Dania Alisya was held in Kg. Merlimau last night. 
  • I felt so bad since I couldn't join the crowd from the beginning.
  • I had a very bad headache that lasted for approx 7 hours. 
  • So my mom in law and Syahmi insisted that I stay and rest in the bedroom. 
  • Hence no moments were managed to be captured.
  • However I coulde hear baby Zaki's voice when the Imam guy 'cukur his jambul'.
  • Cukur his jambul?
  • Not that Zaki really had a jambul.
  • Hahaha.
  • Anyway, I'm feeling much better now.
  • Syahmi is going to take me out to Bandar Melaka. 
  • Just want to see how "developed" the city is.
Have a great Sunday!


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