Melaka Pula Ya

  • I've been traveling a lot since I was 3.
  • But anyway, I had visited places in Egypt, Cambodia and Andalucia with darling husband. 
  • So it would be unfair if we skip Malaysia, especially Melaka.
  • Syahmi's 'homeland'.
  • (oh yes my husband lahir Melaka and I lahir Kelantan but both of us kurang mahir dengan adat2 negeri ni)
Kandang Kambing? Kandang Lembu?

The last time I was in Melaka, Dataran Pahlawan was a large green field.
Now it has turned into a massive shopping mall. Me no like. 

Atas the Dataran Pahlawan

Noah's ark? Not.

Kota A Famosa

Diorama in the museum.  Description as shown below.

Syahmi's grandfather. The one in front, right in the middle of this photo.

Borhan bin Md Yaman is Syahmi's grandfather. He was a politician.
And still is at his home =)

The things they got from Atok Borhan. 

Cooking stove? Not. This is the old voice recorder. 

Of course bukti I makan hangin di Melaka. That's the pintu to A Famosa.
(Wore baju kurung because I'm too fat to fit into my jeans. Honest.)

A cool one! Taming Sari Tower. The spinning tower.
We almost missed the chance to experience the spinning tower since the shown ticket price is RM20pp.
(RM20 for a 5min spin? Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth yang £5 pun I tak naik. Hahaha.)
I overheard the lady at the counter said to a chinese group "Warganegara separuh harga"
Hence we got the chance to spin bebeh!


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