26 Died in an Accident

  • Mom received a phone call from her staff.
  • She came to my room and asked me to google on today's accident.
  • Hence:
  • The news below was taken from The Star.
IPOH: A total of 26 people, including three Malaysians, have been confirmed dead following a bus accident along Jalan Simpang Pulai-Kampung Raja at 11.30am today.
The three Malaysians were the bus driver, assistant driver and a tour guide. The other passengers were Thai tourists.

Eleven other passengers were seriously injured and have been admitted to hospital.

The tour bus was reportedly coming down from Cameron Highlands when it lost control at a sharp bend and hit the concrete divider. The bus then went into the opposite side of the road, hit a rocky slope and crashed. The roof of the bus was smashed. 
The double-deck bus was operated by San Express Holidays, based in Jitra, Kedah.

  • I asked my mom (a road safety engineer who happens to be at home with me right now.yeay.) whether we have certain regulations on bus conditions etc.
  • She said, No.
  • She even highlighted that it is difficult to implement one since the people in Parliament or whoever yang patut meluluskan all these regulations are too slow. 
  • Furthermore, we have poor bus structures. 
  • Mom said that the bus "owners" care more in reducing the cost than safety. 
  • Pathetic.
  • So engineers (those who are involve in producing buses), please keep this in mind.
  • I know you guys have to listen to your clients' needs. 
  • But I am sure you know better. 
  • Be stern and please help Dr. Wong (MIROS) or who ever that matters in getting the sanction on bus conditions regulations etc. 
Ok ayat last belit2 sebab marah. 


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