Adore and Idol

  • Some people forbid using the word "idol".
  • In that case I will use the word "Adore" instead.

  • I'm making a wild guess that you (lady) want to be an excellent wife.
  • Because I do.
  • (but am still crawling. that's what the malays say)
  • You tend to find books and read about magnificent (magnifisengseveng) ladies, on how they managed to cope etc.
  • Then when you like one article or a story about that particular lady,
  • you tend to adore her. 
  • "I want to be like her!"
  • "I want to do what she did to her husband!"
  • etc.

  • Most Agamafis will read about Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. wives and adore their actions and attitude towards their husband(s).
  • Hence, they want to be like them.
  • But is it wrong if you adore Kimora Lee or Kim Kardashian or even Sammy Cheng?
  • Just because they are not Muslims, you can't adore them for all the positive things they did.
  • Right?
  • No.

  • Be smart in making decisions.
  • You can still adore Kimore Lee and do the things she did for her family.
  • But make sure you're taking the positive bit only alright. 
  • No no to the sleeveless tops and mini dress like what she wears.
  • (unless you're wearing only if you are with your mahram(s))
  • Alright?
  • It's monday today.
  • Have a great day at work!


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