Dayuth @ Dayus

  • Allah S.W.T. berfirman, ada 3 golongan yang akan ditempatkan di neraka dan tidak layak bagi mereka Syurga.
  1. Mereka yang meminum arak. 
  2. Mereka yang derhaka kepada ibu bapa.
  3. Suami-suami yang Dayuth@dayus.
  • I will  not elaborate on the first two points as I'm sure most of us are aware of that since we were young. 

  • Dear friends and readers, Dayuth (in Arabic) or well known as Dayus (in Malay) is an action of a husband allowing his wife to disobey Allah's 'rules and regulations'.
  • For example a husband who does not bother or just keep quiet when:
  1. the wife does not perform Solah/Solat. 
  2. the wife does not wear hijab.
  3. the wife kills her mother in law.
  4. etc.
  • I watched a show hosted by Dr, Fadzilah Kamsah the other day, and I was surprised to hear a lady said: " Itu hak mereka tidak mahu pakai hijab."
  • Hak?
  • Right?
  • What does she mean by hak?
  • Do I have the right to not wear a head scarf?
  • I thought nothing could defy Allah's commands?
  • So how can I have the Hak to not wear a headscarf? 
  • Does that mean I can choose when and where to wear?
  • Berdosa tau walaupun seurat rambut dilihat oleh orang bukan muhrim. 
  • Apatah lagi berhelai-helai rambut?
  • Maka dengan itu, I won't say that I have the right to not wear a headscarf. 
  • Right?

  • So bila you dah kahwin, and suddenly your husband asks you to cover yourself when you are with his brothers or even when you are with your guy cousins etc., buat lah ok. 
  • Not that he is trying to control you.
  • Instead, he is trying to help you. 
  • He really wants to be in Heaven with you.
  • Don't you want it too?


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