Friday Romance

  • It's Friday today!
  • Most of us are over the moon hey.
  • Especially those who are still in the office, can't wait for the clock to strike half past 5.
  • With zillions of plans in head.
  • (want to do this and that, meet him and her etc.)

  • Have you ever had a romantic dinner?
  • Me?
  • Erkk...I can't remember when was the last time we (Syahmi and I) ate together in front of the entertainment tube.
  • Now is that romantic??
  • Get a life Ayla. 

  • Well, my husband does not wait for a dinner to be romantic. 
  • He still get me roses at anytime he feels like surprising his silly billy wife. 
  • (babe, jap lagi you balik I claim RM1000 from you pasal puji you. Fine thank you bye.)
  • He still...
  • He still...
  • and he still...
  • yawn~

  • Keep your romance alive especially on the day that you've been waiting for for the whole week. 
  • Do what ever it takes to make it happen. 
  • (Kalau kena mintak urut tu, buat je lah 2 minit. Asal semua happy =)

  • As for me, 
  • I'm having a day off. 
  • So my spouse will be witnessing a huge dugong melingkor on the bed once he's home from work. 
  • (romantic bebenor wife you b. Kalau I melingkor pakai bikini pun takpa juga ye. Ni tak, tak ada bikini yang wife you muat pakai.)
  • Bahahaha.
  • Have a great weekend all!


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