• Sometimes I do get bored staying at home.
  • Especially when The Sale is running out of items for sale.
  • Or I develop a daily routine. 
  • (I hate routines. Dang!)
  • But when I let it out to Syahmi, he doesn't understand, so much so he refuses to understand.
  • Instead he wants me to understand how badly people want to stay at home (those who work in the office 9 hours a day).

  • At this point, I'm dreaming of having a vacation in Manhattan or Maldives.
  • So that both of us will be in the same shoe. 
  • We both could enjoy moments together.
  • Not like now (one wants to be at home while the other wants to go out for a slice of cake in a cafe or something).

  • I always tell myself that if I'm a billionaire, I can do the things that I want without having to seek permission from anyone. 
  • Is that true?
  • Well, I could only do that if Syahmi is no longer with me. 
  • No?

  • The power of money, it does make you feel superior at times. 
  • No kidding man. 
  • No kidding. 


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