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Wedding Reception Cover - Template A

Wedding Reception- Template A

  • Having the right machine at home enables me to make my own Wedding Book/ Scrap Book/ Picture Book/Story Book.
  • Hence I do not have to sit with a graphic designer in his/her shop for hours like what I did with our wedding invitation cards!
  • Furthermore, the templates available are up to my liking.
  • In other words, simple but adorable.
Nikah cover - Template B

Nikah - Template B

  • You too can have your memories written in your own sweet book(s)!
  • Simply contact me for pricing and more details at: info[at]juainijohan.com
  • *please do sub [at] with @

  • I don't just do wedding books.
  • Birthday book, Anniversary book, Holiday book, etc.
  • Turn your old photos (childhood, moments to be remembered, etc.) into a book/books!
  • There are more templates to choose from.
Wdding Reception Cover - Template C

Wedding Reception - Template C
  • Lets gather all old photos and turn them into your most precious book/books!
I did and have mine =)


  1. Salam Ju. Just wondering... Do you by any chance know where can I get a customize guest book for my wedding day? I tried to look up in the bookstores like MPH, Popular for a plain, A4-sized book n decorate the cover with a few lace left from my wedding gown haha. But couldn't find it =(

  2. Salam Snz,

    You can try to look for it in/at Parkson or Memory Lane.
    For customize guest book, you can contact my cousin Yohanis (yohanisdavid.blogspot.com) She designed her wedding guest book herself and got it printed at a local printing shop.

    Hope this helps =)

  3. Owh? Really? That's a great idea.. But I already looked up in The Curve (Didn't remember the shop's name.. Papier Love kot?).. 1 customize guestbook costs RM250! *gullppppp*)

    I'll try to find other book-binder designer because I want a velvet cover with gold stamping writing.. (Most probably pricey.. hmm)

    Oh well.. Kalau last-last tak dapat yang murah juga, I beli buku hardcover kosong, letak sponge nipis dan cover dengan kain satin + lace pastu glue-gun kan..

    Btw, this is Siti Nur heehee :D

    Nice blog!


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