Something Fishy

  • Almira was having her good mood moment with Afiq's fishes. 
  • "HAAAKKKK..HAAAHHAAAAKKK" sambil buat muka amazed.
  • She repeatedly banged the glass aquarium sampai fishes tu takut and lari.
  • Hahaha. 
  • Azeem takut fishes tu mati terkejut.

We are actually bigger than this. =)

  • We went to Kedah for Kak Ngah's wedding.
  • She looked pretty in the wedding dress. 
  • Afifi too.
  • Thumbs up =)
Azeem oh Azeem. How could you makan on the pelamin!

He was full of energy during the wedding. Wonder why. hehe.


  1. haha..comel la almira nih.
    apa dia cakap?menyeh?
    da boleh bercakap blom eh?


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