You Know

  • You know when you need help and there is no one around to help,
  • you tend to get worse and just feel like staying in bed. 

  • You know when you think that particular person could help you,
  • but he/she turns out to be the spark for your open fire.
  • Miserable. 

  • You know when you did something wrong,
  • and you just feel like doing it again because you are so in a bad shape. 

  • No one knows. 
  • Just you and you and you. 
  • And for obvious reasons, Allah S.W.T.

  • But as usual, Allah S.W.T is testing you. 
  • You know that but you still feel like swearing. 
  • So how?

  • Alright, ambil wudhu', solat, read Al-Quran and recite Doa(s) yada yada yada.
  • Good luck.
  • Do you need one?
  • Naah. 
  • You'll be fine. 

  • At the end of the day, if you choose to change and get out from the ridiculous city or even run away from your used to be loved ones, 
  • go ahead. 
  • It's your choice and Allah S.W.T knows what is exactly in your heart. 

  • Be merry.


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