3 Weeks Later

  • Remember my Chocolatier post?
  • Yeah. It was 3 weeks ago that I attended a chocolate course.
  • So I did try to make Pralines today.
  • Jadi! 
  • Alhamdulillah. 
  • I managed to find a chocolate block on the counter (i think it is compound(ed) chocolate since I don't really like the taste, not as much as real chocolate).
  • Next time, I want to deal with real chocolate since it is lusciously good.
  • Want some?
  • hehe

Hazel nut Praline

  • I'm thinking of drizzling these cute pralines with white choc (compound(ed)).
  • If I jadi buat, I will post the outcome in my next/next3 entry ok.
  • If tak ada, meaning Syahmi and Azeem dah habis kebas all these pralines or I yang malas.
  • =p


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