Almira on the 6th Jan 2011

  • Ayla: Almira mama mana?
  • Almira: Work.
  • Ayla: Almira abah mana?
  • Almira: Wooorrrrk.
  • Ayla: Almira Tok Mama mana?
  • Almira: Ubang. (Subang)
  • Ayla: Almira Tok Abah mana?
  • Almira: ...
  • When I said " Bye bye", her facial expression changed. She thought that I was going to leave the house.
  • Went to my brother's house to play with Almira. 
  • She couldn't figure it out whether her Tok abah is still in Mekah performing Hajj or back in K.K.
  • Hence, the silent mode when I asked her "Almira mana Tok Abah?".
  • Mind the background. Kak Wati sibuk bebel Almira kecah rumah.
  • Hahahahaha. 
  • At the age of 1year and 5 months, she could finish a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle on her own for less than 3 minutes. 
  • Such a genius. 
  • ich liebe dich. 
  • Oh Almira, du bist nicht da, ich bin traurig.


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