Ayla The Chocolatier?

  • What exactly is a chocolatier?
  • Chocolatier = someone who makes confectionery from chocolate. Chocolatiers are distinct from chocolate makers, who create chocolate from cacao beans and other ingredients.
  • (Source, wikipedia. Sekian.)
  • I got selected to attend a 2 days course by Malaysia Cocoa Board. 
  • Some had to wait for a year but syukur alhamdulillah, I received the call within 3 months. 
  • I gained a lot from the course man!
  • I even met superb people. Had wonderful team mates and a laidback chef.
  • =D
First things first, you have to know how to cut chocolate into small pieces. Ok, mind my fingers, tu tengah takut kena pisau. Errr seriau you. Of course since the knife is bigger than my palm!

Next, we melt the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl using double boiler. Hamek you vocab memasak chocolate. Double boiler segala.

Making chocolate shells. Drying bit.

This is Chef Jo. He was trying to show me on how to draw patterns on praline. Nampak sangat dia tengok I terkial-kial dari jauh nak mencantikkan praline I. Baik betul dia tak lokek ilmu. Thank you.

Tempering bit. This method allows the hot melted chocolate to cool down in a right phase. The counter/ table top is made out of granite. But marble top is more suitable (it is more expensive too). 

My team mates! 3rd from left is one of the facilitators. Mana I pergi, pasti I paling besar. Banyak makan daging time kecil bak kata ma. 

Mr. Bakri, the director. He remembered me since I was the only one who dragged my mom into his office back in August/September. Bahaha.

  • A few of my family members got the chance to taste the pralines I made. 
  • My cousin, Yo has a good taste pallet. 
  • The minute she ate my chocolate she said: "Chocolate ni tak rasa murah. Sedap."
  • Haaaa. Do you know why?
  • Because I used real chocolate instead of compounded chocolate.
  • One of the differences between these two chocolates is, real chocolate uses cocoa butter but compounded chocolate uses minyak sawit!
  • Most people who sell and make confectioneries use compounded chocolate. 
  • Why? Simple. To reduce cost and gain more profit. 

This is the original cocoa butter. More expensive than sawit (substitute).
  • I don't mind spending RM100 for real chocolate. 
  • You?
  • Those who are still in Southampton, UK please visit and taste products from Hotel Chocolate in West Quay. 
  • We (Syahmi and I) love one praline yang ada honey apa ntah atas dia. 
  • Luscious. 
  • InsyaAllah if I jadi chocolatier, please support me alright. 
  • Tak mau ada jealous-jealous black magic segala ok. 
  • Minta jauh. 
  • Amin.
  • =)
There I have shared my bit, so now it is your turn. 


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