Bangalore Saree @/On The Sale

To check them out: Click here.

  • Yes, quiet does not mean BUSINESS COMES TO A HALT. 
  • We now have Bangalore Silk Sarees imported straight from Bangalore, India (obvious ke?)
  • Do check them out. 
  • Initially ada 10 helai but now tinggal 5. 
  • So jangan lambat-lambat nanti abish ok. 
Please do check them out. Click here.
  • Yes, siapa yang nak buat hantaran pun boleh. 
  • Especially to the guys yang malas nak pergi cari kain untuk bakal isteri, come and browse our collection. 
  • Any questions jangan segan nak tanya ok. 
  • If you need a male consultant, there is one. Just let us know. 
  • InsyaAllah kami dapat membantu mana yang mampu. 
Have a great day!


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