• I used to be the queen of gadgets at home.
  • But now I have retired. 
  • Letting my baby brother to continue. If not dia jealous I ada state-of-the-art gadgets. Hahhaha. 
  • So we did try to shop at The Sale using his iPhone.
  • Fantastich! I know most of you own an iPhone kannn. Cubalah ;-)

To bapak, nak duit royalty pasal terbitkan your name. Fine thank you bye. 

Oh yeah, The Sale logo was created by my lovely cousin Yohanis David. 

  • I yang run the business but still tak ada a suitable mobile gadget. 
  • I don't even have a notebook/laptop! Haha.
  • Canggih tak canggih?
  • =)
  • I'm going out with darling Syahmi later to find him a pair of shoes. 
  • Almaklumlah the wife tak ada stock kasut lelaki.
  • =p
Have a great weekend all!


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