God, Moneyhhhh and Looove

  • All of us need money. 
  • And we also need to love and be loved.
  • No?
  • But who provides us with those two things?
  • Your kittens? 
  • Your boss?
  • Your unfaithful and doubtful girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • There were times when I did forget Allah S.W.T (simply awful. Sorry Allah . . .)
  • I do not know how but it just happened. 
  • =(

  • Eg1 : You haven't seen your husband for a week. And at night, you start crying over the phone, begging for your husband to come and visit you. 
  • My question would be, do you realize that Allah is always with you and why don't you ask Allah for a help instead?
  • Haaaa.

  • Eg 2: You go out shopping with a couple of friends. When you reach the 3rd couture boutique, you realize that you have spent RM9k. 
  • My questions would be, do you realize that Allah is watching you 24/7? Do you have Him in mind while you were busy shopping?

  • Escargot. 
  • We know but we need a lot of time to come to our senses. 
I have got nothing to do with both examples. My loving husband is here with me =) If I spend RM9k on a pair of genuine leather boots and lingerie, I will be kicked out from mama's. Crazy =p


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