Hide And Seek

  • The game I used to play when I was a kid. 
  • I would be in the closet or underneath the dining table or even behind the guest couch.
  • Well, I don't really play that game anymore but we (Syahmi and I) do think that we are invisible and would just stand in front of the wardrobe quietly until one of us catches each other. 
  • Plain silly but still fun. 
  • So I thought, you know how hard and difficult it is to ask one of your kids to lead a jemaah prayer.
  • Why don't you play hide and seek before Solat(h). The first one to be spotted will definitely be the Imam. 
  • =D
  • Cool eyh. 
So if you have 5 sons, you might need 5 wardrobes or 5 dining tables, no? Hehe. Just get a mansion with 50 rooms!


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