The Joy of Having Litte One(s)

  • Almira Shafiya was born on the 22nd May 2009 (oh yes the day that I had my individual viva. dang!)
  • Here are a few photos of the anxious and proud father and grandparents.
Minutes before Sis Shida was taken out of the room.

AHA! Abang, you seemed worried. Can tell from the way you stand. (reflection)

See I told you. He wanted to be the first to capture his grand daughter ke . . . My mom memang selalu nampak macam pergi work. Afterall, she is a workaholic.

Tadaa. Can't believe that you were this small Almira! You will soon have a baby bro/sis, less than 3 months. Wewiittt.
  •  Be an excellent big sister ok Almira. 
  • I know you'll do fine.
  • I know. 
(Abang, I don't think Almira knows that the baby above is actually her. Instead she might say "Damia"! haha)

  • Oh now Almira calls me Wo.
  • Almira: Wo ini pat. ( Wo sini cepat.)
  • Ayla: Kenapa?
  • Almira: Wo dok. ( Wo duduk.)
  • My mom thinks it is cool for her to call me Wo. 
  • What do you think?
  • No problem with me =D


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